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"The level of musicianship, the quality of the vocals, the overall sound of the band are all excellent, and the first track, "The Wharf That Holds His Vessel" is a nearly flawless symphonic masterwork".

Tom Karr - ProgressiveWorld.com

"AISLES' second album, "In Sudden Walks," is brilliant! It is symphonic, melodic, ethnic, emotional, well performed, well engineered and recorded, beautifully sung, and very fresh"

BrufordFreak - ProgArchives

"I feel In Sudden Walks is the next step in the evolution of Aisles and one of the better releases of 2009". "I have a feeling the next album will break the band big."

Ron Fuchs Prognaut.com


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About Aisles

Aisles are a progressive rock band from Santiago, Chile. They have been considered one of the most interesting acts of recent years. So far they have released two albums, The Yearning (2005) and In Sudden Walks (2009). Aisles' third record, "4:45am", has been officially released on October 29th.

Aisles' music is characterized by its eclecticism, combining elements of progressive rock, art rock, fusion, and world music, drawing comparisons to Rush, Yes, Genesis, and Porcupine Tree. The band has toured South America and Europe, and their albums have been published in Europe, United States, and Japan. In 2009 they were nominated for Best Foreign Record in the Italian Prog Awards for their second album, In Sudden Walks, and were invited to open the 11th Progressive Rock Festival Crescendo in France.

The band's third record has been released on October 29th via Presagio Records.