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Aisles have been considered one of the most interesting Progressive Rock bands of recent years and have just released their third studio album '4:45 AM'.
Their soulfully crafted combination of rock, progressive rock, art rock, fusion, world music and other styles illustrates the band's unique liberal and eclectic music vision.
Aisles have been regarded as Prog Rock, but their approach to music goes far beyond that while creating a very powerful and unique type of music and sound.
Aisles were formed to serve as a constantly evolving vehicle of expression maintaining an unmistakably unique identity. Allowing creativity to prevail above all else fuels the band's desire to create.

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El miércoles 28 de diciembre cerraremos el año con un show íntimo en Sala Master (Miguel Claro 509, Providencia).
Puedes comprar tu entrada en preventa a $5.000 escribiendo a
El día del show el valor será de $6.000.

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