I did roam around that world so far
Conducting tests and walking on the ice fields
I dove down to Alexandria’s streets
Years after the meltdown

One day she grabbed my arm and said to me
'If you stay you’ll die here too, and the kids need you
So leave'

What could I do?
She was the world to me

On the day that I heard her cry
I think I made up my mind, oooh
Darkness reigned for years so long
Shockwaves came, the windows rattled in the house

Wretched earth, the wars of men obliterated the blue from your face
And she said 'with you the kids will grow well
The horns so loud
Please go away now
They won’t wait they’ve set the date, oooohhhh'

And so I left

Now we are pieces of earth we are
Hovering in space time, space and time

Tears our hearts
Stone and fire

Terra Reefs and ice Rain and sand Terra
Plains and tides
Earth we are