The Maiden

Far I hear those bells and I wake up
My eyes now slowly leave a shadow behind

So strange, white voice
Seeking, calling,
My voice

Man – "Stunning maiden,
Where's my world?"
Maiden - "The horses are waiting to take us there
Somewhere, somewhere, somewhere"

I'm so lost now, never been to this land, where the silent
mountains rise
Then I said I could endlessly love her, without knowing her name,
She took my hand and slightly smiled
A castle in the chasm hides,
Upon which the bright sun soon will set,
But the steeds are fast

The seas are calling my name; they say; "hey, hey, hey, why not
just believe tonight?"
Come back, you, come back, if
you vanish now, or make it last

Maiden - "Out there there's a dark realm we must beware not to

Man – "I'm not scared now; for some reason, and I could save us
both from peril, though I've never done so"-

Late at night, in a place where hell meets the woods and the rain
Now you embrace me, and I begin to believe in the things you said
As you turn softer, as velvet
I sensed your worry,
There was a question you asked me then I did not understand

Man - "I just never had to go anywhere, why should I now?
I'll try, once more, to explain to you (look up) that nothing's real
It's strange to find our way home tonight followed by storms"-

Maiden – "Go… now; they'll hunt you down"

She hid me in a place amongst the hills where she dozed by the

"Before daybreak go" she said crying

I said that we would meet the coming day
I can't recall the way home
Woke up in my room, feeling dazed and lost

Lyrics by Germán Vergara