Comb my hair I see that you're crying
Wash my clothes, the blood stains are drying
Read me tales, the world will remain still
Teach me prayers I may need them one day
Call my friends they may think I'm not well

Watch me sleep, to be safe from those nightmares
Are those tears? Is it me that you cry for?
I can smell the fall. Is there life in the starred skies?
Sing me songs to carry all these memories

In blood that night I was naked and crying, your arms and a half blue sky
A child that's borne as fortune goes, that child will fear and suffer for love
We play outside cos' our fate is to face the empty space, and that's the we train
And my heart was fine but my soul was sick and dying
But my heart was fine so my soul was to heal and follow

I'm ready to grow, to fight and stand, to stay alive and feel
I'm ready to stand, to grow and fight to stay alive and…
I hear it coming, I think I should take that train

The world is a train travelling at the speed of sound
But you think it doesn't move
The world is a stone drifting at the speed of light
You're so sure it will always move

The sky looks the same but look at me I've changed
As all the stars up in the skies have kept distance from me
It may be too late but I am still awake
I never put my dreams to rest so now they can heal me

Is it worth the pain?
Is it worth the pain?
Is it worth it?
Is it worth it?

To my Mother

Lyrics by Germán & Sebastián Vergara