Smile of Tears

Don't smile
Don't smile

Sharp's your sword
Hear the call of steel

Just smiles
Fail time

Can't you feel it's beneath your skin?

It's been alive
And it's been for so long

Is this your murder's love?

Break it down
Now break it down
You are just a craft man

Walk on the hills of the craft man
Fly forbidden cliffs by my side
Feel the inner will of this man

Thus heal

Easy now
Everything you were was torn apart

Anxious aim
No beast, no hunt can reach your restless heart

Unbeaten dweller tame all shapes I dream of


No smiles
Was the pain a deceiving sea?

No smiles
Don't smile tears

See the fall of the realm of fear

Embrace the lie
I realize
I've been a fool


Lyrics by Luis Vergara