I've drawn near the night,
Though my sight was soaring
There is less of me every dawn,
You won't find me,
The oceans yearn for my flight.

I glimpsed the farthest way
Clear through a paling grey
In my dreams.

Drowsy, following the dusk
Brief, frail, slight
I'm fainting
Will you wait until I'm back?

And as the rains passed through
The boundaries of the night,
A presage told through ancient voices
"Behind was the unlit outspread land"

Unlit land

It wasn't really dark but I was confused,
It wasn't really far, but I was unseen,
There were stars as much as there were nights
And deeper seas.

Wisdom may find thoughts,
Thoughts may reach truth
But a thought can't hug you warm
"Cease to be"

Where light and its eternal pause
Was it going to remain?
Was it feigning loss?
So brief,
Was no longer there when I stared
"Lone me"

A grey sign has soared
Shattered the early forms
A shadow muttered low
"Never be"

Deep in the night
I hid the footprints left on my way
There's no one to mind my absence
No one to deny me
I saw them gather, hide from nightfall
Searching another's world light
I dreamed of somewhere
No one's ever dreamed of
Covered faces can't even see
What's there still inside them

Don't let the light get in my room
My dreams are all divided
My dreams are still divided

Path of gleams

And as the days
Became a grayish way of light,
And all the memories were night gleams
The last and dim enduring flight…

Lyrics by Germán Vergara & Luis Vergara