The wharf that holds his vessel

"From the balcony I can see the lights of the city,
I let the breeze talk to me, and I'm not ashamed that it has caressed my tears.
Tonight the deepest of all the skies is watching me…
…Inside it is so dark, only an old brazen spear reflects a dim brightness,
I know that sort of sadness; it's a desperate craving,
Perhaps the delight of blood so long ago,
Or the breathing of the brave men who once held it."

Tears overflow
What do I do to bring back their smiles?
The wounds tinged the wide tides
What do I do to heal their skin's slices?
There was pain in their souls
There were things to sing still
There were flaws for a great regret

Who's there hesitating his dance
Is he trying to feed his growing fears?
Go there before comes between the end
Slaughter all those who couldn't hold a glimpse of beauty in their eyes
I've seen those

I share the night, my hands on humid sand
My fear, the embrace to become slight mist, mist that won't touch
So I ate the seed that bird mysteriously brought
Though inside came the world of silence

He left the wharf in a well built vessel
The bliss strengthened his rime
And far away the gods claim for his death I've heard
Sunrise raise the swell, to reach the sea sown with elms
He climbs the mast and sings out loud
Hails of blazing stones, come down straight to you
Below the streams there's a place for you to sleep on seaweeds

Sighs of pain awoke the oaths at night I cradled
I walk the wharf, my eyes glisten
I weigh anchors, the wind blows, my sail goes into the storm

The dejected ones will be destroyed, so I must endure
As all the weakness I shall loath I must grow
Somewhere outside I will revenge murdered dreams
Though somehow, I know some just linger
Beauty brought tears you thought it brought contempt
Blood's taste is sweet spilled from those hearts filled with fear

"He... he's the one, who saved my son, holds the sun"
But at night stars see him cry

Was it fair? All I dreamt died already
Without an answer, but lost I found my sword
And the sand hid an armor

...Lead your sight away.

Lyrics by Germán Vergara & Luis Vergara