This bundle includes:

    • 180g Black Double Vinyl in a gatefold sleeve
    • Hawaii Black T-Shirt OR White T-Shirt
    • Hawaii Digital Download sent on July 29th, 2016.

    LP 2:

    Side B

    1. Terra
    2. Pale Blue Dot
    3. Still Alive

    Side D
    1. Nostalgia
    2. Club Hawaii
    3. Falling
    4. In the Probe

    Vinyl Tracklist

    LP 1:

    Side A

    1. The Poet Part I: Dusk
    2. The Poet Part II: New World
    3. Year Zero

    Side C
    1. Upside Down
    2. CH-7

T-Shirt Hawaii
Total: 55 USD
Price: 40 USD
Worldwide Shipping: 15 USD

Orders including a Hawaii Vinyl will ship to arrive in late October.

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