4:45 AM

A quarter ‘till five in the morning

A challenge is in my mind

I’ll never let you down

I cannot fail

A sudden force, a sudden fierceness, a shot of power to my heart

The world is trying to block my path but all it does is waken an old rage


Where are my haters now? (Everywhere)

Are they the ones that doubted me that had no face?

They covet and fear me now (there’s much more, much worse)

But I am stained

And I’m not well

Cold derision, vile deception

The least that I can do is use them now


On the field on the road

All the rejection only made me stronger

And spite has been nursing my soul

Loneliness and grinding hours, I’ll decipher the pain when it’s over

Now time has come to end this fight

Till the last surge of blood and emotion


A moment of peace after midnight

This fight bearing down on me

But I will never let you down

I cannot fail

I can try harder, sleep less hours; I really wanna look you in your eyes

I could never take you off my mind, you’re part of this

When you come back, you’ll see the way things are now