1023 SE


Here, caressing my soul inside

Away, escaping an old sun

All I see, might be only ever mine

Now soon, I’ll enter my slumber


I see your eyes, I want to touch you

I feel you here, I want to cry now


After the years, you will run out of time

Away, after you’re long gone

I’ll wake, and face and empty world

So calm, flung in a straight line


Your voice, I hear it calling

‘Come back, I want to be loved’


I’ll be just here, alive only deep inside

Don’t grieve, time comes to us all

Run free, and stretch your arms outside

And I, will find us a blue home


If I do, I’ll set my beacons

If I don’t, I’ll say ‘amore perdón’


If you were here, to feel this great void outside

Would you press, your head to my chest?

If you did see, could you bear the sadness?

Will you ever know, I found us a new home?


Will I see blue?

Will I see blue?

Will you ever know?

Going so far out

To see blue

Will I see blue?