In the dawn of youth you should have told me to find myself alive
In the days when the air was bright in the skies
Before nightfall reigned I should’ve known that this world was built on lies
Disguised in the name of truth it survived


It’s not right, no right, alright
You have made all of us fools
But sleepless minds have gathered wondrous hues tonight
In my heart there’s a war we can start


I first told the old but all the pain had been withering their souls
All middle aged missed their call, dull spirits so lost

Now I remember times when all the children were carrying secret thoughts
And they knew they would soar some day to shatter time


It’s been so wrong, so long, this charade
Enticed by reason and fright
Let’s be the light let’s tear down deceitful shrines
This world may wake up on fire

Cos in our hearts there’s a war we must start


Glistening souls arrived, then crossed the bridges and found themselves alive

For light is the fairest call when it’s dark
For light is life, the field was lit up by city fires
The winds will draw above the ashes a better sun


When youth was gone there was gloom in our faces
Now our thoughts are daring the heights
‘Cos life dragged you out from your life
But you, stubborn, have now become wind fog or shine
We’re few and rare, we shall stand together
We’ll grab your hand if you’re lonesome, just pierce the air
Your hair soaking in clouds