A tired soul, I’m feeling down

Aware that I’m still around

I’ve always known, I‘ve always felt

I cherish what people don’t

I’m walking out to clear my thoughts

To feel that I’m still alive

It presses down, it hurts so bad

Drowning me, these days I’ve been failing life


I found a note, mysterious words

It read, ‘Are you still alive?’

A message came, encrypted map

They must know I’m still alive

But I feel down, I feel lost

I know I’ve strayed, I feel like a wasted life


From every thought, from every flaw

Aware that I’m still alive

I wake at dusk I walk till dawn

I’ll sing while I’m still alive

And in the dark, the saddened eyes, the pain the fear

This world is no place to smile


They swallow lies, obedient mobs

We left the world in their hands

But a secret group is planning now

The escape that’ll save our kind

I think they are beyond those hills, below that star

If the guide that I hold is right

I need to know where you are, where you’ll go

You thought I deserved to go


You’re in the sky, propelled by fire

Until no force can drag you down

Life here dies

You’ll leave this sun and find a star

You’ll build a world dreamed in your hearts

Far from here

Above the pain you fly so high

You can’t deny that I’m alive

Left down here

You don’t need love to survive

You can’t deny I was a child

Once loved, free

You’re in the sky, I had my chance

You can’t deny that I’m alive

You left us here and that’s just fine

Build a new world with your hearts