In cold sweat sitting on this bench
Odd questions through my restless mind
Could they have seen what I’ve just seen?

Expressions like if nothing is wrong
It’s as though I’m in this alone
Today the sun is shining brighter


The kids keep playing gaily on the sidewalk
As the sun touches them with its rays
See their small shapes burning fiercely

Now this seems the end
Of my sanity and normal world
My eyes feel broken inside
And the light is turning harmful


I start breaking away
From the normal shades of things
On the street I see bleached faces
And their expressions can’t be seen

It’s burning outside
Is it so hard to make you see?
Life should be a race to be faced again
Now my race has sunk in fears, in fear


Let me wail and cry!
‘No matter how you soak your eyes!’
Could I prevent this fate?
‘Just hear the men that were born blind
Be your own night’

The sun has hidden now
And through my window pane
The night’s a paint of glassy tones
I’ll stay outside until sunrise

I’m walking inside
Haunted fields I never reach
Is the night enhancing my sight?
Just a faint moon shone on me

There are tears in my eyes
Are they streams of misty winds
I will see the woods moving slightly
And so the leaves will dance with me

The night is here