Our first show in almost three years!

On Sunday, December 13th, at 18:10 CLST we will be playing our first show in almost three years at Rockaxis Magazine XXth anniversary. Don’t miss the webcast on all their platforms and social pages. The line up is amazing!

Más información: https://www.rockaxis.com/rock/noticia/28331/no-te-pierdas-el-festival-online-20-anos-de-rockaxis/

Check Out our Rush Cover!

As promised, we continue to create new content and you guys will always be the first ones to have access. Here’s our version of Red Sector A by Rush, one of our favorite bands and one which has undoubtedly been an influence on our music and a source of inspiration for decades. The subject of the original song is a bit harsh, but we feel the lyrics have gained a whole new meaning due to the world’s current situation. Resilience and perseverance have been crucial attitudes, both at a personal level and for the band.


What do you think of our cover? Leave your opinion in the comments below!

Israel Gil is our new singer!

We are glad to introduce you to our new singer, Israel Gil, with a newly done version of our song “Smile of Tears”, which we originally released on our album “In Sudden Walks (2009). The track has a strong electronic influence from Depeche Mode’s eighties era, brought to the 21st century. The song was recorded during the pandemic, and it reflects the irony of our contact through social media and online meetings, where we pretend on camera that we are happy, but hopelessness is eating us up on the inside. Israel is replacing our longtime vocalist Sebastián, who stepped down as frontman in October, 2018.

We discovered Israel, a classical trained musician and student of Music Theory at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, through the social network Vampr, an app that connects musicians from all over the world who share common interests. After an intense audition process, where Israel had to learn old and new songs of the band, we finally chose him because of his natural talent, his discipline, his attention to detail and his friendliness. We love his voice and we hope you love him too!

We are still working on our fifth studio album, which will be released by the second semester of 2021. Most of the music is already recorded, we only need to record the voice and we hope to start showing new songs in the first months of next year. Our new material leaves behind the sound and visual complexity of “Hawaii” (2016), keeping the melancholy and instrumental passages that have defined us throughout our career, adding influences as Porcupine Tree and Animals as Leaders.

Hear Smile of Tears on Spotify

We’re launching a Patreon page!

We’re launching a Patreon page!

Starting now, you can be part of our creative process by becoming our Patreon. We will reward you with exclusive content, merchandise, personalized videos, and much more. There are five levels: Light, Medium, Moderate, Extreme, and Legendary. You can join the Light Level, starting with 5 dollars a month, and you will unlock unreleased material and have early access to new releases, among other things. The higher the level, the better the rewards. Higher tiers include our full discography on CD, your name in the thank you notes of our upcoming album, online lessons with band members, year-round discounts, attending band practices, free access to our shows, and much more.

Go to www.patreon.com/aislesproject to learn more about the tiers and rewards we’ve designed for you. Your support means the world to us.

Rodrigo, Daniel, Germán, Juan Pablo, Felipe

Thank you, Sebastián

We are sad to tell you that due to personal reasons Sebastián is no longer a member of Aisles.

Seba: we thank you for the talent and love you gave to us throughout all these years. Your voice, your performance and your creativity left a unique and imperishable mark on the sound and history of the group.

The band will continue to work on a new album that we plan to release in 2019. Hope to have news soon.

Juan Pablo, Rodrigo, Felipe, Germán, Daniel

Our Live from Estudio del Sur EP is out!

“Live from Estudio del Sur” is our latest release. The EP was recorded at Estudio del Sur, and includes newly done versions of the songs “Clouds Motion”, “Shallow and Daft”, “Still Alive” and “Club Hawaii”. Germán Vergara, guitarist, describes it as “a blend between some of earliest and some of our newest compositions, all in the same set, with the current Aisles sound. ‘Clouds Motion’ is one of the first songs we recorded as a band. We also made a new version of ‘Shallow and Daft’, where we invited the singer Catalina Blanco from the band Téfiret. The last two tracks, ‘Still Alive’ and ‘Club Hawaii’, capture the hopeless atmosphere of our concept album ‘Hawaii’ and reflect what the band is doing nowadays. People will like the sound on the EP as the songs feel more organic and heavier that on the albums.”

Also, these songs were filmed on a series of live sessions directed by Bernardo Quesney, who has also worked with Chilean artists such as Gepe, Javiera Mena and Colombina Parra, among others.

“Live from Estudio del Sur” is available on a limited edition CD  here

Preorder our “Live from Estudio del Sur” EP

We are finishing our live video series with the release of the “Live from the Estudio del Sur” EP, which includes the songs “Clouds Motion”, “Shallow and Daft” (ft. Catalina Blanco), “Still Alive” and “Club Hawaii”. All of them were given a much more modern take, compared to their original versions.

The EP will be released on July 6th, on all digital platforms and on a limited edition CD, which can be pre-ordered here.


We just released the last video of our “Live from Estudio del Sur” session, for the song “Club Hawaii”, which was originally released on the album “Hawaii” (2016). The clip was directed by Bernardo Quesney, who has worked with artists like Gepe and Javiera Mena.

Our guitarist, German Vergara, says, “We knew that ‘Club Hawaii’ could not be left out of this live series. It’s a very collective effort in which we incorporated elements from electronic and Latin music, pop, jazz, and even metal, so as to transport the listener to the future in which the concept of the album takes place. We used more distortion, sounded heavier than usual and Sebastián recites a heart wrenching poem in the darkest section of the song. Personally it’s my favorite on the ‘Hawaii’ album and I’m very proud of my lyrics. When playing it live I get goosebumps every time we reach the part ‘Turn my soul into flesh and soil and blood and waves…’”

The “Live from Estudio del Sur” sessions started with the video for the song ‘Clouds Motion’, and it continued with “Shallow and Daft”, and “Still Alive”. All of these songs will be included on their new EP, “Live from Estudio del Sur” which will be out on July 6th and it will be available on digital platforms and on a limited edition CD. To pre-order: https://www.aislesproject.com/product/live-from-estudio-del-sur-ep-cd/