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On May 24th we’re releasing “Obras de Los Jaivas”, a tribute to beloved Chilean psych rock Los Jaivas, and you can buy it now and get it on that date or even before. It will be available on CD and digitally, and it wil include four tracks with guest singers, “La conquistada”, “La poderosa muerte”, “Mira niñita” and “Sube a nacer conmigo hermano”.

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New music! Hear our new instrumental BAHAMUT!

This Friday, June 30, the progressive rock band Aisles premiered on streaming platforms the instrumental suite “Bahamut”, created in collaboration with the writer Francisco Ortega. The suite includes seven tracks, and a total of thirteen minutes, in which the group goes through different narrative passages inspired by the science fiction novel “Bahamut”, released by the Chilean author last March.

This work has influences from progressive metal, from the ambient of keyboardist Rick Wright from Pink Floyd, to the sound of Porcupine Tree, and Muse in the period of their album “Absolution”, and is the first publication of Aisles together with the drummer Alvaro Poblete.

“Bahamut” is a science fiction novel that is also an anticipatory historical thriller, which uses technological and cultural phenomena with which we already live. The author mixes various topics with ease, such as religion, technology, physics, astronomy, artificial intelligence, etc., all under the guidance of prominent scientific, academic, and even political advisers. For the speech of one of the characters, which is an artificial intelligence, the author used Dramathon and ChatGTP, two artificial intelligence applications, with the purpose of accentuating the coldness of a machine.

In addition, the writer conceived his novel listening to progressive and ambient rock – the ideal music for a science fiction work – and thought that Aisles could accompany this story. “I have always thought that the soundtrack for the book had to be kind of a progressive rock opus, and it seemed to me that, among the Chilean bands, Aisles was the one that worked best with the speed, the vertigo and the spatial and temporal changes of the novel, because they handle these changes in the metrics of their music very well”, comments the author of “Bahamut”.

This is the second collaboration between Aisles and Francisco Ortega, after working together for the video clip of the song “Fast”, released in June 2021, and inspired by dystopian anime such as Ghost In the Shell, Devilman Crybaby and Akira. The clip is based on the city of Santiago, under an omnipresent control system and with a violent society. This time, Ortega asked the band to write the music for the book’s trailer, but soon after, the group worked on an entire suite based on the novel.


New single, new cycle

Hello friends! It’s been more than a year since we released a new single, and we’re finally back on track. Today we’re sharing with you “Game Over”, the fifth single taken from our upcoming album, “Beyond Drama” which will come out on April 5th. It’s an instrumental track inspired by the music of Animals As Leaders, but still with a lot of our signature melodies.

Why did we choose such an apocalyptic name for this song? Well, when we wrote it, almost two years ago, we were still on lockdown, going through all the hardships of the pandemic, and thinking about how much time we were spending playing videogames, but not truly connected on a human level.

This song now takes a completely different meaning. Although we are very happy to release this music, “Game Over” also means the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one: our drummer Felipe, our guitarist Rodrigo and our singer Israel have left the band, and now Aisles have reestructured and German (guitar), Juan Pablo (keyboards) and Daniel (bass), continue with the journey. It’s painful to share this with you, but we want to let you know that Aisles are still working and writing new music. We wish nothing but the best for them, and we will always keep our amazing memories alive in our hearts.

Let us know your thoughts about this track. We look forward to hearing all of you.

Click here to listen to “GAME OVER”


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On May 13th we’ll be opening for Riverside in Santiago!

Excellent news!! We’re extremely happy to announce that on May 13th we’ll be opening Riverside’s show in Santiago at Teatro Caupolicán. We’ll bring the best of our repertoire, some classics, our newest singles and we may even unveil some unreleased tracks of our upcoming fifth studio album. We cannot wait to see you all there!

Last tickets available HERE.

Mobility pass will be required to enter the venue.



We’ve just released the song “Thanks to Kafka” on all digital platforms.

“Thanks to Kafka” was influenced by the darker side of Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson and the melancholy of Radiohead. It is also the first single where guitarist Germán Vergara takes the lead, with a nod to Lou Reed’s interpretation, and marks a stylistic shift in relation to the three previously released singles, “Fast”, “Disobedience” and “Megalomania ”:“ ‘Thanks to Kafka’ is totally introspective. It is based on the idea of people who did not find answers to their existential problems or who lost the battle of life,” says the musician. The writer Franz Kafka was the perfect reference to define this internal struggle, because “he speaks from defeat and approaches it from those dark places,” says Germán.

The track was recorded at Estudio del Sur, produced and mixed by Angelo Marini and Germán Vergara and mastered by American engineer Randy Merrill (Muse, Paul McCartney, Beck, Liam Gallagher). In addition, it is the fourth single from the band’s new studio album, after the release of “Fast”, which came out on June 4, “Disobedience”, released on July 15, and “Megalomania”, on August 27.

The cover was created by designer Jean Pierre Cabañas from Médu1a (winner of the Pulsar Award for Best Art of the Year for “El vuelo del Pillán” by Kuervos del Sur in 2017). “We wanted to pay tribute to Kafka – Germán points out – you can see in the image that there is a skull with a hole like a person who committed suicide by shooting themselves, and the cockroach symbolizing depression”.

The group, formed by Germán Vergara, Felipe Candia (drummer), Rodrigo Sepúlveda (guitar), Juan Pablo Gaete (keyboard), Israel Gil (vocalist) and Daniel Concha (bass), has finished recording their fifth studio album, which will be released during the next months. In this new album, they have left behind the concept and sound of “Hawaii” (2016) to open up to a more direct and powerful sound influenced by bands like Porcupine Tree, Rush and Animals As Leaders. “We have done a very exhaustive job: we put pressure on ourselves to change our paradigm,” says the producer and guitarist.




Dear Friends:

We’re immensely happy to be sharing with you Megalomania, the third single from our fifth album. Megalomania is one of the first songs we started working on when we were leaving Hawaii behind. There are some versions of this song from band practices dating back to May 2018, with Sebastián still on vocals.

Felipe remembers Germán first showed them the intro and outro riff at a band practice where they and Juan Pablo were present. At the beginning, the song had a progressive-Latin feel (as a matter of fact, the name of the demo file was Post-Earth Latin), but as we added new parts and instruments it transformed and took a rockier direction. We finally added the 8-string guitars and the song found its final sound and mood.

It’s an important song because to a great extent it defined the sound of the music we would start making. When we were still playing the Hawaii shows we started wanting to try something different, heavier, more direct, and although the content, themes and lyric of our songs have always been crucial, and will continue to be so, we wanted something less conceptual, less baroque.

We like every person to have their own interpretation of our songs, but in general terms Megalomania is about being obsessed with pursuing an objective, about having a dream an trying to fulfill it at any cost, being willing to sacrifice everything for it. In our case it’s our obsession with the life project of being musicians, with committing to art, and the ambitions we have as a band. That dream has been a difficult, sometimes self-destructive road, and it’s been full of frustration and loss, but we have always kept on. It’s a recurring subject in our music, at least since 4:45 AM.

We have high hopes for this song and the video. Please let us know what you think. We really want to hear your opinions!

A huge hug from all of us

Rodrigo, Germán, Felipe, Israel, Juan Pablo, Daniel

Stream/download/buy MEGALOMANIA below