New single, new cycle

Hello friends! It’s been more than a year since we released a new single, and we’re finally back on track. Today we’re sharing with you “Game Over”, the fifth single taken from our upcoming album, “Beyond Drama” which will come out on April 5th. It’s an instrumental track inspired by the music of Animals As Leaders, but still with a lot of our signature melodies.

Why did we choose such an apocalyptic name for this song? Well, when we wrote it, almost two years ago, we were still on lockdown, going through all the hardships of the pandemic, and thinking about how much time we were spending playing videogames, but not truly connected on a human level.

This song now takes a completely different meaning. Although we are very happy to release this music, “Game Over” also means the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one: our drummer Felipe, our guitarist Rodrigo and our singer Israel have left the band, and now Aisles have reestructured and German (guitar), Juan Pablo (keyboards) and Daniel (bass), continue with the journey. It’s painful to share this with you, but we want to let you know that Aisles are still working and writing new music. We wish nothing but the best for them, and we will always keep our amazing memories alive in our hearts.

Let us know your thoughts about this track. We look forward to hearing all of you.

Click here to listen to “GAME OVER”


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