431 SE



I feel my heart, as I look around all the seats

It’s so tempting this place

I will always come here



And if you come here this way

There are smells from the earth

And there are species so rare

Means of intoxication



This is enjoyment inside

Skin is in order you take

Your soul around a rainbow, who knows

You want to feel that way inside



Take me, take me, take me, teach me to feel

Take me, take me, take me

Why can’t we be born again?



Deep in your heart, isn’t the flesh that you want

Sir if you dare to come up now

There are women and men



At the Club Hawaii

There’s a different experience on every floor

Some like to go further inside

Some come to be healed



So they are now waiting for you inside

Ooh it’s the chaos that they want from us

If you’re prepared to open, they’ll know

If you’re prepared to live



Take me, take me, take me

Show me the lift and change me


Turn my soul into flesh and soil, and blood and waves and sand and rocks, and cliffs and sex and dogs, and apes and frogs and dirt and rust and screams and lava, lava, lava, lava, lava



Touch me, feel me, rub me, shave me

Trip me, slap me, drag me, hurt me




1023 SE


Here, caressing my soul inside

Away, escaping an old sun

All I see, might be only ever mine

Now soon, I’ll enter my slumber


I see your eyes, I want to touch you

I feel you here, I want to cry now


After the years, you will run out of time

Away, after you’re long gone

I’ll wake, and face and empty world

So calm, flung in a straight line


Your voice, I hear it calling

‘Come back, I want to be loved’


I’ll be just here, alive only deep inside

Don’t grieve, time comes to us all

Run free, and stretch your arms outside

And I, will find us a blue home


If I do, I’ll set my beacons

If I don’t, I’ll say ‘amore perdón’


If you were here, to feel this great void outside

Would you press, your head to my chest?

If you did see, could you bear the sadness?

Will you ever know, I found us a new home?


Will I see blue?

Will I see blue?

Will you ever know?

Going so far out

To see blue

Will I see blue?