Into the summer fall decaying was his soul

Frail his summer, his heart won’t recover

The fading sun has drained his life

Take his body, his faint core is dying

Damp nights crawl


Haze and light will stray from us
As our hands are torn

Time has brought the blizzard
The void is closer


Time won’t hear me
Outside the rain has stopped
Waves at night walk

My voice may soothe their loss


This pain began one night
Quiet days gone by
I must have uttered a sigh
I had to understand
‘Round the flickering fire all the silent stares
I had concealed my tears, I pressed my arms to the ground
For I knew I was bound to die


Winds have worn down this life
The void is closer


Whistling my old dreams
Rain outside tonight
I lie still, my thoughts wilt
And I’ll face the dark with great eyes

All remains as bleakness and fall


It seems late for a lone cry
The mud feels so warm

There’s nothing around here
To resist the gale and its wrath

How could I think this world made sense at all?
I remember her heart being so sensitive
We were right there was nothing out there above the stars
So briefly we live
Let us yield to the unseen
For no memory will linger
Where finally nothing is


Feeling the silence grow
All weakness chained his bones

In his summer he ruled the flesh now rotten

Late dusk devours
For truth and rest we shall burn his might in the pyre

Distant summer
So much you have forgotten

Dark and barren
The void goes on without him