Once so long ago some things were born
The night when her eyes met the light
Was so vast the world that was there before
And so much would stay in the dark
Oh no, she would grow so bright and so different

She’d not gleam in a world so numb to see glitter
She was so used to the scarce light birth at late hours
And thought of whom beyond the breeze was crying those dreams


All the forms that I touched, then the distance called
The colors were strong, but so strangely cold
Where reason blurred my sight absurd were the aims
And the way to be followed was for me alone


To nightly forms I had talked, ‘my name have you called’


‘So when she dried her tears
The remote was changed for nearby
Outside among the trees not feeling cold her naked feet
She sang to all around but cried for her dress was blue
Her lucid dreams thrown to the sea while she fell in profound sleep’


The silence of pieces and fragments
And the wind I evoked would let my voice vanish
Time was reduced as those long aisles
Untiring strides will take me so far beyond forsaken streets
I’ll go through the road that leads to you


Somewhere even if fainter, I thought
‘Prolong my minutes, embrace a lie that means all’

‘So when the rain had come

To fill all the empty gaps
She was then gone, sharp broken glass

Was going to bite her lacking arms
She couldn’t see the light

Nor anyone heaving sighs

Saw a million sparks ascending high
Become part of someone’s sky’


He’d be lost and looking for what was not to be explained or justified
He knew it wasn’t given to everybody but ignored that if it had reached him ‘it’ meant all
In the meantime he’d walk