I’ve seen the dirt
Climbing the stairways
The wind lies ill
For it touched their faces

You starved man
The air should not be shared
You’re lonesome
You’re filled with disgust


‘Is his unshakable decrepit trait
Which makes me speak to you, gravedigger
‘Oh! save his body from the obscure’
And like a doll in a tyrannical child play, tie his hands and pull him along
Drag him night after night over the old streets of this city
He will start to lose his features, they’ll remain on the filthiness of the ground
His flesh will spread in pieces and he will wear himself out
On the very same street he wandered so blind for many years
He never looked beyond those narrow alleys»


Out in the forest there’s a wolf who looks its kind with distrust


Face the landslide
The lightning’s heat
‘A herd of wolves is here
Brought a weapon for me’
Rest above the cliffs, walk the steep
Swim the swamp and mud
Yield the shrill voice

Die high, blood bathe me
The night cries the time’s farewell
You starved wolf, you’re wandering alone
You’re lonesome, you’re filled with disgust


Eat my flesh you’ll need it