The sun is broken
I’ve seen the scattered forms of glass
And time is reaching
The speed of a formless demon’s flight


And you’ve become the queen of cloudy skies
And I need brightness

Lit mad fire


The nights end sooner
And words cannot shape hands and smiles
(But not a single soul will weep)

Once I thrusted the walls all around me
Once I rescued, the remains of my desires


It’s the whispering breeze, not me
It’s the rain who strikes the blinds
And alone she left the clouds there trapped
But I was not there

Demons kill when angels die
In my head

A sense of blind quest
Will raise my instincts to spread signs
Far beyond the ocean’s end


Now, now I see what this can mean
Just an odd and perturbed mind
That is no longer to try so hard
This must be the scene to surrender and hold