Vieja: El hombre sube y crujen las escaleras, recibiéndolo crujen como tiempo antes en que un día le dijo

Hombre: Tiene que ser así, nunca juntos

Vieja: Ahora aquí a este día llega, ella no cumplirá su promesa. Abrirá la puerta, abrirá la puerta


(En una habitación)

Hombre: Qué presencia luminosa

Mujer: Es mi esqueleto, lo puse hacia fuera

Hombre: Te va bien ¿Debería yo ponerme algo?

Mujer: Ese pantalón de piel suelta y porosa, con esa camisa de canas con piel sebosa, se ve muy bien, acércate

Hombre: Si no fuera por tanto hueso, mi tormenta de deseos deformaría tu carne sin sustento, una masa quedarías

Mujer: Y esa masa aún te excitaría

Hombre: Si tú allí estuvieses

Mujer: Y aún más, si tanto apretaras que como una pequeña esfera yo quedara entre tus manos y me echas al ardiente torrente de tu boca, aún tu placer sería inconmensurable

Hombre: No, no me pruebes así tanto, si te quise fue a tu cuerpo y a ese algo. Ten mejor mi sexo pronto adentro.

Mujer: Ah… ah ah ah aahhh…

Hombre: Saludemos a ese extraño que salte ferviente entre nosotros y rompa a patadas nuestros cerebros

Vieja: Hombre bajando del quinto piso, chismean crujiendo las escaleras, cuando se haya ido dirán; ignorante vino ignorante se va. ¿Cuándo sabrá del hijo que tiene de ella? Ese adefesio enfermo que escondido tras la pared escucha la voz del que es su padre. Son los gemidos desbordantes de un subconsciente podrido, fruto de lo que  ahora es él. ¡Acompáñenme, mariachis!



(En la explanada frente a la línea ferroviaria)

Vieja: El día que nadie quiso que llegara, ese día es hoy. Se lanzó la mujer con el hijo abrazado al pecho bajo las ruedas del pesado tren de fierro. Al llegar el hombre y ver impactado la irreconocible forma desangrada, sin pudor se abalanzó sobre la carne y con su alma superada amó todo lo que ahí muerto estaba, amó a su hijo sin saberlo


Para Esmeralda y su niño

Theatrical scene written and directed by Luis Vergara



In the dawn of youth you should have told me to find myself alive
In the days when the air was bright in the skies
Before nightfall reigned I should’ve known that this world was built on lies
Disguised in the name of truth it survived


It’s not right, no right, alright
You have made all of us fools
But sleepless minds have gathered wondrous hues tonight
In my heart there’s a war we can start


I first told the old but all the pain had been withering their souls
All middle aged missed their call, dull spirits so lost

Now I remember times when all the children were carrying secret thoughts
And they knew they would soar some day to shatter time


It’s been so wrong, so long, this charade
Enticed by reason and fright
Let’s be the light let’s tear down deceitful shrines
This world may wake up on fire

Cos in our hearts there’s a war we must start


Glistening souls arrived, then crossed the bridges and found themselves alive

For light is the fairest call when it’s dark
For light is life, the field was lit up by city fires
The winds will draw above the ashes a better sun


When youth was gone there was gloom in our faces
Now our thoughts are daring the heights
‘Cos life dragged you out from your life
But you, stubborn, have now become wind fog or shine
We’re few and rare, we shall stand together
We’ll grab your hand if you’re lonesome, just pierce the air
Your hair soaking in clouds



Into the summer fall decaying was his soul

Frail his summer, his heart won’t recover

The fading sun has drained his life

Take his body, his faint core is dying

Damp nights crawl


Haze and light will stray from us
As our hands are torn

Time has brought the blizzard
The void is closer


Time won’t hear me
Outside the rain has stopped
Waves at night walk

My voice may soothe their loss


This pain began one night
Quiet days gone by
I must have uttered a sigh
I had to understand
‘Round the flickering fire all the silent stares
I had concealed my tears, I pressed my arms to the ground
For I knew I was bound to die


Winds have worn down this life
The void is closer


Whistling my old dreams
Rain outside tonight
I lie still, my thoughts wilt
And I’ll face the dark with great eyes

All remains as bleakness and fall


It seems late for a lone cry
The mud feels so warm

There’s nothing around here
To resist the gale and its wrath

How could I think this world made sense at all?
I remember her heart being so sensitive
We were right there was nothing out there above the stars
So briefly we live
Let us yield to the unseen
For no memory will linger
Where finally nothing is


Feeling the silence grow
All weakness chained his bones

In his summer he ruled the flesh now rotten

Late dusk devours
For truth and rest we shall burn his might in the pyre

Distant summer
So much you have forgotten

Dark and barren
The void goes on without him



Far I hear those bells and I wake up
My eyes now slowly leave a shadow behind


So strange, white voice
Seeking, calling, my voice

Man: ‘Stunning maiden, where’s my world?’
Maiden: ‘The horses are waiting to take us there
Somewhere, somewhere, somewhere

I’m so lost now, never been to this land

Where the silent mountains rise
Then I said I could endlessly love her, without knowing her name
She took my hand and slightly smiled
A castle in the chasm hides
Upon which the bright sun soon will set
But the steeds are fast


The seas are calling my name

They say: ‘Hey, hey, hey, why not just believe tonight?’
Come back, you, come back
If you vanish now, or make it last somehow


Maiden: ‘Out there there’s a dark realm we must beware not to enter’

Man: ‘I’m not scared now for some reason, and I could save us both from peril

Though I’ve never done so’

Late at night, in a place where hell meets the woods and the rain
Now you embrace me and I begin to believe in the things you said
As you turn softer as velvet
I sensed your worry
There was a question you asked me then I did not understand

Man: ‘I just never had to go anywhere, why should I now?
I’ll try once more to explain to you (look up) that nothing’s real here
It’s strange to find our way home tonight followed by storms’

Maiden: ‘Go now, they’ll hunt you down’


She hid me in a place amongst the hills

Where she dozed by the fire

‘Before daybreak go’ she said crying

I said that we would meet the coming day
I can’t recall the way home
Woke up in my room, feeling dazed and lost



Don’t smile, don’t smile

Sharp’s your sword
Hear the call of steel

Just smiles, fail time

Can’t you feel it’s beneath your skin?

It’s been alive, and it’s been for so long

Is this your murder’s love?

Break it down, now break it down
You are just a craft man


Walk on the hills of the craft man
Fly forbidden cliffs by my side
Feel the inner will of this man


Thus heal, easy now
Everything you were was torn apart

Anxious aim
No beast, no hunt can reach your restless heart

Unbeaten dweller tame all shapes I dream of

Winds, hail, storms, desire


No smiles, was the pain a deceiving sea?

No smiles, don’t smile tears

See the fall of the realm of fear

Embrace the lie
I realize I’ve been a fool

Fool, fool



There’s a star in the sky
Where I’ll take you by my hand
Times will pass and you will become mine


If you turn and I see those blue eyes

High above, we will fly
While the Earth is overcast
I’ll stay tonight lost in your smile

There’s a star in the sky
Where I’ll take you by my hand
Times will pass and you will become mine

If you smile as you see a perfect sky
I’ll surrender my life
Just to feel your scent and warmth

If I’m sent afar I promise to write
And we’ll always meet in dreams at night
How sad we won’t touch


Time, time won’t be here tonight
We’re going so far out

Light, light seen humanly now
We’re endlessly bound

See, thoughts are tears amongst stars
They’re filling the night

Time, time won’t be here tonight
We’re going so far out