“From the balcony I can see the lights of the city
I let the breeze talk to me, and I’m not ashamed that it has caressed my tears
Tonight the deepest of all the skies is watching me…
…inside it is so dark, only an old brazen spear reflects a dim brightness
I know that sort of sadness; it’s a desperate craving
Perhaps the delight of blood so long ago
Or the breathing of the brave men who once held it.”


Tears overflow
What do I do to bring back their smiles?
The wounds tinged the wide tides
What do I do to heal their skin’s slices?
There was pain in their souls
There were things to sing still
There were flaws for a great regret


Who’s there hesitating his dance?
Is he trying to feed his growing fears?
Go there before comes between the end
Slaughter all those who couldn’t hold a glimpse of beauty in their eyes
I’ve seen those


I share the night, my hands on humid sand
My fear, the embrace to become slight mist, mist that won’t touch
So I ate the seed that bird misteriously brought
Though inside came the world of silence


He left the wharf in a well built vessel
The bliss strengthened his rhyme
And far away the gods claim for his death I’ve heard
Sunrise raise the swell, to reach the sea sown with elms
He climbs the mast and sings outloud
Hails of blazing stones, come down straight to you
Below the streams there’s a place for you to sleep on seaweeds


Sighs of pain awoke the oaths at night I cradled
I walk the wharf, my eyes glisten
I weigh anchors, the wind blows, my sail goes into the storm


The dejected ones will be destroyed, so I must endure
As all the weakness I shall loathe I must grow
Somewhere outside I will revenge murdered dreams
Though somehow, I know some just linger
Beauty brought tears you thought it brought contempt
Blood’s taste is sweet spilled from those hearts filled with fear


He, he’s the one who saved my son, holds the sun
But at night stars see him cry


Was it fair? All I dreamt died already
Without an answer, but lost I found my sword
And the sand hid an armor


Lead your sight away


In the darkened glow
Sharp those visions lost
Mysterious eyes
Unfairly dazed my thoughts
Born in silent dew
Anxious wait to cover them sound though wet


And it seems that her eyes saw the fountain’s drought


The sky has an answer
In a place where the darkness grows
I set out a still night
It’s the dream where I get lost

Names for unknown worlds
I hear, I walk


Where could I stay tonight
If I followed uncertain lights
Where could I stop to cry
Will you know at least I tried

Come toward my way
Now that time will find you
Far where the night glares we’ll meet


Mysterious eyes confused me

Sweet dreams, stay calm
The night will stay around me
And it’s deaf and blind


The sky has an answer
In a place where the darkness crawls
The foutain has gone dry
It will not want to yield that voice

Where could I stay tonight
I must follow uncertain lights
My own world will wait and cry
While I’m not there my eyes as those
Will see in darkness



The sun is broken
I’ve seen the scattered forms of glass
And time is reaching
The speed of a formless demon’s flight


And you’ve become the queen of cloudy skies
And I need brightness

Lit mad fire


The nights end sooner
And words cannot shape hands and smiles
(But not a single soul will weep)

Once I thrusted the walls all around me
Once I rescued, the remains of my desires


It’s the whispering breeze, not me
It’s the rain who strikes the blinds
And alone she left the clouds there trapped
But I was not there

Demons kill when angels die
In my head

A sense of blind quest
Will raise my instincts to spread signs
Far beyond the ocean’s end


Now, now I see what this can mean
Just an odd and perturbed mind
That is no longer to try so hard
This must be the scene to surrender and hold



In cold sweat sitting on this bench
Odd questions through my restless mind
Could they have seen what I’ve just seen?

Expressions like if nothing is wrong
It’s as though I’m in this alone
Today the sun is shining brighter


The kids keep playing gaily on the sidewalk
As the sun touches them with its rays
See their small shapes burning fiercely

Now this seems the end
Of my sanity and normal world
My eyes feel broken inside
And the light is turning harmful


I start breaking away
From the normal shades of things
On the street I see bleached faces
And their expressions can’t be seen

It’s burning outside
Is it so hard to make you see?
Life should be a race to be faced again
Now my race has sunk in fears, in fear


Let me wail and cry!
‘No matter how you soak your eyes!’
Could I prevent this fate?
‘Just hear the men that were born blind
Be your own night’

The sun has hidden now
And through my window pane
The night’s a paint of glassy tones
I’ll stay outside until sunrise

I’m walking inside
Haunted fields I never reach
Is the night enhancing my sight?
Just a faint moon shone on me

There are tears in my eyes
Are they streams of misty winds
I will see the woods moving slightly
And so the leaves will dance with me

The night is here



I’ve seen the dirt
Climbing the stairways
The wind lies ill
For it touched their faces

You starved man
The air should not be shared
You’re lonesome
You’re filled with disgust


‘Is his unshakable decrepit trait
Which makes me speak to you, gravedigger
‘Oh! save his body from the obscure’
And like a doll in a tyrannical child play, tie his hands and pull him along
Drag him night after night over the old streets of this city
He will start to lose his features, they’ll remain on the filthiness of the ground
His flesh will spread in pieces and he will wear himself out
On the very same street he wandered so blind for many years
He never looked beyond those narrow alleys”


Out in the forest there’s a wolf who looks its kind with distrust


Face the landslide
The lightning’s heat
‘A herd of wolves is here
Brought a weapon for me’
Rest above the cliffs, walk the steep
Swim the swamp and mud
Yield the shrill voice

Die high, blood bathe me
The night cries the time’s farewell
You starved wolf, you’re wandering alone
You’re lonesome, you’re filled with disgust


Eat my flesh you’ll need it



Once so long ago some things were born
The night when her eyes met the light
Was so vast the world that was there before
And so much would stay in the dark
Oh no, she would grow so bright and so different

She’d not gleam in a world so numb to see glitter
She was so used to the scarce light birth at late hours
And thought of whom beyond the breeze was crying those dreams


All the forms that I touched, then the distance called
The colors were strong, but so strangely cold
Where reason blurred my sight absurd were the aims
And the way to be followed was for me alone


To nightly forms I had talked, ‘my name have you called’


‘So when she dried her tears
The remote was changed for nearby
Outside among the trees not feeling cold her naked feet
She sang to all around but cried for her dress was blue
Her lucid dreams thrown to the sea while she fell in profound sleep’


The silence of pieces and fragments
And the wind I evoked would let my voice vanish
Time was reduced as those long aisles
Untiring strides will take me so far beyond forsaken streets
I’ll go through the road that leads to you


Somewhere even if fainter, I thought
‘Prolong my minutes, embrace a lie that means all’

‘So when the rain had come

To fill all the empty gaps
She was then gone, sharp broken glass

Was going to bite her lacking arms
She couldn’t see the light

Nor anyone heaving sighs

Saw a million sparks ascending high
Become part of someone’s sky’


He’d be lost and looking for what was not to be explained or justified
He knew it wasn’t given to everybody but ignored that if it had reached him ‘it’ meant all
In the meantime he’d walk



I’ve drawn near the night
Though my sight was soaring
There is less of me every dawn
You won’t find me
The oceans yearn for my flight


I glimpsed the farthest way
Clear through a paling grey
In my dreams


Drowsy, following the dusk
Brief, frail, slight
I’m fainting
Will you wait until I’m back?


And as the rains passed through
The boundaries of the night
A presage told through ancient voices
‘Behind was the unlit outspread land’



It wasn’t really dark but I was confused
It wasn’t really far but I was unseen
There were stars as much as there were nights
And deeper seas


Wisdom may find thoughts
Thoughts may reach truth
But a thought can’t hug you warm
‘Cease to be’


Where light and its eternal pause
Was it going to remain?
Was it feigning loss?
So brief
Was no longer there when I stared
‘Lone me’


A grey sign has soared
Shattered the early forms
A shadow muttered low
‘Never be’


Deep in the night
I hid the footprints left on my way
There’s no one to mind my absence
No one to deny me
I saw them gather, hide from nightfall
Searching another’s world light
I dreamed of somewhere
No one’s ever dreamed of
Covered faces can’t even see
What’s there still inside them


Don’t let the light get in my room
My dreams are all divided
My dreams are still divided



And as the days
Became a grayish way of light
And all the memories were night gleams
The last and dim enduring flight